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Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group Co.,Ltd (Wuliangye Group) is a mega-size state-owned enterprise (SOE) group with liquor as its primary business. The Group is also engaged in the fields of smart manufacturing, food packaging, modern logistics, financial investment, health and wellbeing. Wuliangye Group covers a planned area of 18 km2. With nearly 50,000 staff members, Wuliangye Group boasts an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of pure grain raw baijiu made from solid fermentation with the storage capacity amounting to one million tons of raw baijiu. Wuliangye Group is a large-scale production base for pure grain baijiu with its distilleries capable of producing 40,000 tons of baijiu per year. The signature product—Wuliangye—has a long history and profound culture. Wuliangye was first produced in the Tang Dynasty and popularized in the Song Dynasty. Wuliangye become a renowned brand in the Ming Dynasty and was officially named Wuliangye in the Qing Dynasty. Wuliangye represents China’s strong aromatic Baijiu and has been accredited as National Famous Liquor. Wuliangye is enlisted into the first batch of products protected under China-EU landmark Geographical Indications Agreement.


Wuliangye enjoys a history of more than one thousand years. It was called Zhongbijiu at prime Tang Dynasty, Yaozixuequ in the Song Dynasty, and mix grain liquor in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It got the name Wuliangye (five-grain liquor) in 1909. Wuliangye inherited a large number of old fermentation pits built in the Ming Dynasty that are still in use today. The oldest one has been producing baijiu since 1368, which is now more than 650 years. It is the earliest cellar-type baijiu yeast fermentation pit which is known and is still in use in China.

Wuliangye has been granted more than 100 domestic and international honors. In 2008, the "traditional producing technique of Wuliangye baijiu" was announced by the State Council of China as a representative item of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Sales of Wuliangye Group exceeded 100 billion RMB in 2019 and the market value in 2020 exceeded one trillion RMB. In 2022, Wuliangye is accredited as “Brand Finance Global 500” and “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands”.

Carrying on its mission to deliver better experience to consumers,create happiness for workforce, ensure good returns for investors, Wuliangye follows strictly the five-step routine of planting, baijiu-producing, selecting, ageing and blending. The notion of harmony is reflected in the full process of planting, baijiu-producing, blending, marketing and culture for harmony to become the gene of Wuliangye. The Company is dedicated to building a complete combination of liquor varieties worldwide and covers liquor from low-alcohol to high-alcohol concentration, namely, 39o, 45o, 52o, 56o, 60o, 68o, and 72o. A complete product supply chain has been built for the demand of consumers of all types.

  1. Master brand products: generation-specific Wuliangye with the eighth-generation Wuliangye as the signature product; super high-end Baijiu series produced from fermentation pits built in the Ming Dynasty, with 501 Wuliangye as the signature; vintage Baijiu series with the classic Wuliangye as the signature and cultral customized Baijiu series with Chinese Zodiac Wuliangye as the signature ;

  2. Wuliang Strong aromatic Baijiu brands including National Strategic Products with Wuliangchun, Wuliangchun, Wuliangtequ, Jianzhuang as the keystone; Regional Key Brands with Wuliang Touqu, Wuliang Renjia, Youjiu, Baijiayan and Huobao as the supplement.

  3. Fantasy Forest ecological brands including herbal wine with Fantasy Forest brands as the signature; fruit wine with Bailu, Shuxun, Xiaozhuoshiguang as the signature and red wine with Asia brands as the signature.


Wuliangye Group, an ultra-large state-owned group witnessing the growth of China, has now become a representative of Chinese baijiu and an industry leader. Wuliangye Group is one of the leading enterprises which drive the economic prosperity of Sichuan over the past seven decades. Based on its geographical advantage in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone, Wuliangye turns the preferential policy into the driving force for its development and strives to establish an industrial cluster of world-class premium baijiu.

Centering on the development goals of the 14th Five-year Plan, Wuliangye adopts a strategy to focus on signature products while diversifying product profile and expanding its development platforms. Eco-friendliness, quality, culture, digitization and integrity as the basis, core, support, growth driver and guarantee of modern corporate development have merged as the “five-in-one” philosophy for sustainable, stable and high-quality growth of a world-class enterprise featuring top-notch products, famous brand, cutting-edge innovation and up-to-date corporate governance.



Address       : Zone 3, No. 150, West Minjiang Road, Cuiping District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China





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