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Thailand-based Central Group, founded in 1947 and owned by the Chirathivat family for four generations, is a world-leading multi-format and multi-category retail conglomerate, focusing on physical and digital retail formats, hotels, restaurants and real estate across Southeast Asia and Europe. Central Group employs over 80,000 people, serves 30 million members, welcomes over 40 million online visitors each month across geographies. The Group’s operations span across over 3,700 locations and over 7 million sq.m. of retail and commercial spaces, encompassing 18 countries and 142 cities.






Central Group began its expansion into Europe and into luxury retail with the 2011 acquisition of Rinascente, which operates 9 department stores in Italy, followed by Illum in Denmark in 2013. The Group then partnered with Signa Holding to acquire The KaDeWe Group, which manages 3 department stores under KaDeWe, Alsterhaus and Oberpollinger in Germany in 2015. In 2020, Central Group and Signa

Holding jointly invested in Globus with 10 locations in Switzerland, and finally in 2022 the partnership acquired Selfridges Group, which operates 18 stores under Selfridges & Co. in the UK, De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands, and Brown Thomas & Arnotts in Ireland. Following these acquisitions and consistent store developments, luxury segment and Europe have become strategic focus for Central Group, with significant senior management presence across the continent.


With its vision to lead Thailand’s retail business onto the world stage, whilst simultaneously lending expertise to bring development and prosperity to the local economies in their expansion locations, Central Group is committed to improve our surrounding communities through innovation and development of surrounding spaces wherever its network is present.


Central Group reaffirms its commitment on sustainable social development through a Creating Shared Values (CSV) method to improve quality of life, education, society and environment together with all parties, including the government, the private sector, the public, communities and companies, to build sustainable growth together, through Central Tham “Better Together”.


Central Tham “Better Together” directions and projects can be categorized into six areas of sustainability.


  1. Community & Social Contribution: Such projects include projects to promote employment and income for communities through community product development, package design, expansion of communication and distribution channels, community tourism promotion with local heritage conservation, and support during crises and natural disasters.  

  2. Inclusion: Education, skill development, career opportunities, and health and well-being support are provided to ensure better quality of life for children, youth, those with disabilities, and other groups in our society.  

  3. Human Capital Development: Its employees are continuously developed and encouraged to grow their knowledge and skills, with new skill sets to further improve their capacity and competitiveness. 

  4. Circular Economy & Waste Management: Business is based on socially responsible resource management alongside raising awareness about conserving the environment, waste reduction, and effective waste management in order to minimize its environmental impact and ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy planet.  

  5. Food Loss & Food Waste Reduction: Surplus food is managed starting from ensuring minimal waste from the        beginning, through ingredient planning,

    . surplus food management, and processing inedible food waste into fertilizers and bio-gases which can be          further put to good use.

  6. Climate Action: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy is encouraged in its operation and          services, from installation of solar panels to generate electricity and setting up EV charging stations to                 adding more green space to its premises, both inside and around its shopping centers. In addition,                       forestation     projects are taking place in many areas nationwide.  








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