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Our high- quality pulp is derived from a signature raw material called the ‘Paper-Tree’.  This consistent raw material is a key contributor to the consistent high quality of Double A paper. These trees are planted and harvested, as any other farmed crop.  They also take advantage of unused land within the farmers crops.  The trees are created to make our paper, so there is no harvesting or damage to existing forests.  We encourage farmers to plant the ‘Paper -Tree’ as a secondary crop, next to their main crops.  This generates more jobs and income for the farmers, creating a positive social impact to the community.  This method provides a sustainable livelihood and a secure source of income for the farmers, and helps the environment as these trees are planted, harvested, and re-planted.  In this way, we also protect the world’s existing natural forests.




Circular Economy: “Re-materialization”

We foster sustainability through every step of our production process.  All residuals from the pulping process are channeled to the power plants for biomass electricity generation.  This electricity powers the mill and supplies energy to nearby communities.


Lessen the impact on earth: “Conserving Water”

The 35 million cubic meter giant manmade reservoir was built to function as a catchment area to collect rain water runoff.  This helps prevent floods, and also provides production water for Double A mill operations.

We leverage technology to minimize our water consumption throughout the production process. To make the best use of resources, we also use our recycled water to irrigate the trees around the mills.


From our belief ‘Premium is our standard’, we have extended our brand to high quality stationery products. We have also taken this belief into other useful products.  The ‘Double A Care’ product line is a range of high-quality products for health and well-being.


From the seed in the ground to the point where your ideas come alive on paper, we strive for the highest quality. We are honored to better the world through smart, sustainable and responsible environmental care.   



Address       : No1 Moo2, Thatoom, Srimahaphote, Prachinburi Province 25140 Thailand




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