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Krungthai Bank PCL is a Thai listed commercial bank that serves individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial products and services. Underpinned by the mission, “Empowering Better Life,” Krungthai Bank has been leveraging state-of-the-art technology and innovation to develop digital platforms along with financial products, services, and solutions that meet diverse and ever-changing needs of customers in the digital era, making their life easier and better every day. As a result of these efforts, it is acknowledged as one of the leading commercial banks at the forefront of the digital banking scene in Thailand.


















Krungthai Bank, through its subsidiary Infinitas by Krungthai, is the developer of Thailand’s open digital platform, Paotang mobile application. Through partnerships with organizations in both public and private sectors, Paotang has become a super app that offers a wide range of services in payment, savings and investment, health, and lifestyle to its 40 million Thai users. With digital platforms connecting people to useful financial products and services that meet their needs, Krungthai Bank is improving the quality of life of all groups of people by making financial services and infrastructure of the digital economy more inclusive and accessible to all, thus mitigating the inequality in the society.

With the Bank of Thailand’s Financial Institutions Development Fund as its major shareholder, Krungthai Bank, established in 1966, has been supporting the government in the implementation of economic policies and measures. It is now also supporting the country’s transition to Thailand 4.0 by establishing digital financial infrastructure, promoting financial and digital literacy among Thai people, and helping the government digitize their work processes, systems, and public service administration.

Under the vision “Growing Together for Sustainability,” Krungthai Bank is now growing together with Thai society. It needs to strengthen its resilience and adapt quickly to changes and a more competitive environment. For this reason, it dedicates itself to improving work processes, systems, and workforce so that it can create products and services that support growth and stability of the customers, contribute to shaping a better society, and offer sustainable returns to stakeholders.


Core Values: I ♡ BEST


Act and perform duties strictly in accordance with rules and regulations, the principles of good governance, ethics, and anti-corruption policy. Do not tolerate corruption of any form and ensure transparency and accountability of all works.


Be creative and innovative. Have the courage to speak up and think outside the box. Be open-minded and listen to others. Have the determination to improve one’s work and oneself while performing tasks professionally. Share and exchange knowledge and experience.


Be determined and perform duties with full competency and care at all times. Perform work effectively and efficiently to achieve the goal. Be aware of risks and employ appropriate internal controls. Always take all customers and stakeholders into consideration.


Be responsible and mindful of the social and environmental impact of all operations and activities. Support communities by using resources wisely and efficiently. Comply with human rights principles. Support sustainable growth.


Work together as a team. Have a positive attitude toward working together and be open to listening to the opinions of others. Work with people from different teams and functions to achieve a common goal. Contribute to building good relationships within the organization as well as promoting public trust and corporate image.



Address       : 35 Sukhumvit Rd., Klong Toey Nua Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.











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