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China Kweichow Moutai (Group) Distillery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Moutai Group) is headquartered in Maotai, a town next to the beautiful Chishui River in northern Guizhou Province,with an average elevation of 423 meters and more than 36,000 employees. It originated from the top three Baijiu Breweries in Maotai Town, namely Chengyi, Ronghe and Hengxing, all of which boasted a hundred years of Baijiu-making history.


















Moutai Group’s development philosophy focus on three major industries, namely "Baijiu production & sales, manufacturing of Baijiu-related products; comprehensive financial service (industrial finance); and Baijiu and tourism integration". With Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. as its core subsidiary, the Group owns 36 wholly-owned companies, holding companies and joint-stock companies, and gets involved in industries of Baijiu, healthcare wine, wine, securities, insurance, banking, culture & tourism, education, real estate, ecological agriculture and upstream and downstream sectors in the Baijiu industry. Its leading product Kweichow Moutai liquor, with a core production area covering 15.03 square kilometers, is the originator and indisputable representative of Daqu Jiang-flavor (Moutai-flavor) Baijiu in China, and is a green food, organic food and national protected product of geographic indication, which has been a Chinese card boasting the world by lingering fragrance.

In 2021, Moutai Group has achieved a Baijiu output of 171,200 tons, a sales-revenue of RMB 132.6 billion, a total profit of RMB 85.1 billion and a tax payment of RMB 54 billion, with the total assets of the Company exceeding RMB 330.1 billion.

Embracing a new starting and ushering in the new era, Moutai Group will take “building the world-class enterprise and the world-class brand” as its vision, actively practice the new concepts, integrate itself into the new pattern, establish a quality concept of “Five Craftsmanship”, dedicatedly maintain the essence of Moutai and benchmark its counterparts to develop the modern management system. We will reach consensus with gratitude, stick to our original aspiration with reverence and build up momentum with hard work. With loyalty, diligence,

dedication and contribution in mind, we will adhere to the Five- line Development Strategies (namely, Blue Line, Green Line, White Line, Purple Line and Red Line) in seeking high-quality development and thrive to create a new future of Moutai.


Address        :  2 Yanwu Street, Yunyan District, Guiyang, Guizhou, China


                     :  GLOBALMOUTAI@VIP.163.COM 
                     :                                  otPKhm8rN27y38







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